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Welcome to the Office of Criminal Injuries Compensation

The Office of Criminal Injuries Compensation (OCIC) is a specialist tribunal providing a flexible and informal approach to determining applications for compensation by victims of crime in Western Australia.

The OCIC operates pursuant to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Act 2003 which provides for the payment of compensation to victims of offences committed after 22 January 1971 in some circumstances, and for related matters.

It also enables the recovery of compensation paid to an applicant from a convicted offender.

The Tribunal consists of the Chief Assessor and three Assessors all of whom are legally qualified with at least 8 years legal experience. The Assessors, who are supported by Case Managers and Recoveries Officers, act in an informal, responsive and expeditious manner.

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Applications for compensation are determined mostly on the papers in a non-adversarial fashion without the need for a hearing so as to reduce the instances of re-traumatisation of victims.

Applications for recovery are determined in Compensation Recovery Order hearings where offenders are invited to participate in the hearing and recovery process.

To lodge an application, please use the eCourts Portal or see the Lodging an Application page.